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Workshops with Master Robert Peck

  • Tiger Claw Kung FU and Tai Chi (map)

Join us for two exciting and very special workshops: The Essence of Self Defense, and The Spiritual Origins of Tai Chi Movement. This seminar will be conducted by guest Master Robert Peck who will give unique insights to guide you into deeper applications of the fighting and spiritual aspects of Chinese martial arts.


Fri Jan 26: The Essence of Self Defense Part 1: 6-8pm, The Spiritual Origins of Tai Chi Movement Part 1: 8-10pm

Sat Jan 27: The Essence of Self Defense Part 2: 3-5pm, The Spiritual Origins of Tai Chi Movement Part 2: 5-7pm.

Cost: 1 part: $40, 2 parts: $60. Weekend Inclusive: $100

Reserve by contacting Sifu Falko Kriel at, calling 250-317-7260, or signing up on our facebook page here:

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Robert Peck is a master level instructor of CMA (Chinese Martial Arts) with experience spanning more than 45 years.

His scope of knowledge is gleaned from the Kung Fu styles of northern and southern Shao-lin coupled with the internal arts of Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Hsing-I and Shuai Chiao.

His immersion into meditation, spiritual contemplations of reality, in conjunction with the structural templates of sacred geometry and their practical applications to life, have resulted in the awakening and experience of the Oneness of movement and Unity consciousness.

Master Peck’s unique perspective, understanding and skill of the essence of CMA movement is revolutionary.

His teaching emphasizes and utilizes the holographic functioning of the brain while endulging in the morphogenetic quantum field of all that is, bringing the formless into form.

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